Top 5 Easy Upgrades | 2009-2018 Dodge Ram

AmericanTrucks Releases New Episode of “The Haul”

PAOLI, Pa. (April 26th, 2021) – The truck experts at AmercianTrucks (AT) have released a new episode of “The Haul.” The YouTube series is a go-to resource for late-model truck enthusiasts. The video targets 2009 –2018 Dodge Ram owners with a breakdown of the top five easiest mods. All the recommended parts are quick and easy to install using only some basic hand tools.

“We are going to be looking at a handful of mods that are easy to install, won’t take much time at all, and can be done with some basic hand tools.” – Merideth Evasew

The video is hosted by AT’s Merideth Evasew. Beginning with the front and back, Merideth recommends switching out the factory lights for a set of LED projector headlights. A hard folding tonneau cover is another easy, functional mod. Moving to the side, a set of steel running boards provide a large stepping surface and additional protection to the rocker area. Under the hood, an oil catch reduces the blow-by to keep the motor running efficiently. Lastly, a throttle controller offers improved throttle response with an easy 15-minute install.

AT’s new episode of “The Haul” helps Dodge Ram owners get their feet wet with five easy parts they can install in the driveway at home. AT’s online store is updated daily with quality appearance and performance parts and accessories. They also offer detailed tech guides, customer build profiles, and a dedicated team of truck experts to answer any questions. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay up to date as new videos are released.


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