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Increasing Internet Security with a VPN and Password Manager

Although the internet is much more secure than it was ten years ago, there are methods for malicious actors to gain access to private...

What exactly are NFTs? A look into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens

Coinciding with the cryptocurrency boom in 2021, NFTs have also taken the spotlight alongside many cryptocurrencies. Much like the thousands of different tokens and...

In or out, what’s the market going to bring to your portfolio?

Are you worried about a correction in the near future since the S&P 500 Index has doubled since March of 2020 after the pandemic spurred selloff?

How to earn passive income

Earning passive income is a good way to help you build your wealth with minimal effort to earn and grow it.

2021 IRS tax changes

The tax codes have been released for 2021 by the IRS. The tax brackets remain the same but the income limits were increased account for inflation.

What do buyers and sellers pay for closing costs?

Buyer and sellers often overlook the impact of the closing costs on a property. Some closing costs are associated with the loan application while other costs, such as the appraisal, relate to the home.

Pattern day trader (PDT) rules

Your account will be marked as a pattern day trader (PDT) for 90 calendar days if you buy and sell a security in the same trading day four or more times in any five consecutive business days

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